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Top 4 Merchandising Tips to Increase Sales

As you're probably aware, custom clothing for an event is a fantastic idea. Whether worn by staff, contestants, event competitors or even used for giveaways, it enables businesses the opportunity to make the most of a literal walking billboard.

With the prevalence of social media in today's society, your brand can spread like wildfire across both micro-networks (small friendship networks closely related to your brand) or even macro-networks (with the assistance of celebrities and brand ambassadors). And let's be honest, who couldn't do with a few more brand ambassadors?

Here are our top four tips to maximise returns from your next event:

1) Up the Value

Customers love value. So make a branded kit including items like a bag, socks, cap, shirt, and flags for giveaways. If you're selling tickets for your event then include this in the cost. People don't mind paying a little bit extra for more value!

2) Core-consumer

What's the purpose of your custom design and who's it for? Sometimes it's hard to differentiate between your desire to get your brand out there and creating a brand worth wearing. If the end user is a potential customer, really show them what your brand is. Give them a quality product and one worth wearing again.

3) Generate Pre-Orders

Limit your risk by knowing how many items you're going to sell. Perhaps consider tiered marketing campaigns including cheaper pre-order items or bundling ticket sales with promotional wear. Beastwear offers 10 piece minimums, so whether you pre-sell 10 or 1000 garments we have you covered, allowing you to reduce your outlay. We can also assist with custom online merchandise carts for your next event or online store (for big orders).

4) Create a Design Worth Wearing AGAIN

Make something that's a statement piece and that's not super brand intrusive. Most companies slap on a screen printed logo and people are less likely to wear this ever again in public. With all-over digital prints, like at Beastwear, you have a 360-degree opportunity to make something affordable, memorable and classy. The more they wear it, the more advertising longevity you get for your investment.

Here are some of our favourite client examples:


If you're interested in organising custom clothing, merchandise, or want to discuss how we can assist with an online custom cart for your store get in contact with a friendly member of our staff today!

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