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Beastwear Strapping Tape is here!

The Beastwear Strapping Tape Benefits:

Our all sports support strapping tape was developed for all areas of the body. It’s varied sizing and widths make for increased adhesion and improved ability to navigate those tricky tape spots, including lengths and widths tailored to strapping your toes to your nose.

Beastwear strapping tape is made with hypoallergenic materials, with both robust rigid tape and hyper stretch fabrics to increase the tort support on your muscles and bones. Our adhesive glues are designed to stick and hold, even during intensive movement

Product Specifications 

The Beastwear premium rigid strapping tape is made of an extra strong construction with a rubber zinc oxide adhesive mass which combined provides exceptional support and protection from injury.

The Rigid tape comes in varied lengths and widths as listed below.

Rigid Tapes - Click for more info!

Our ultra hyper-stretch stapping tape is perfect for getting that little bit of extra tort and should be used to ensure muscle stability through a tight bond on the skin.

Stretch Tapes - Click for more info!

Both our rigid and stretchy tapes provide exceptional support whenever preventative taping is required and can be applied as a preventative taping and also for post-injury taping (rehabilitation techniques) following injury.

The Trouble Spots & How To Tape Them: Thumb | Knee | Ankle | Shoulders The above techniques (see images above) may be used to provide muscle and bone support and are particularly beneficial following a muscle sprain, strain, injury, or as a preventative measure.

Generally, it’s recommended that the area is shaved 12 hours prior to taping (to prevent painful removal of hairs and skin irritation).

Thinner tape widths should be utilised for the smaller areas, such as the hand and ankle.

A tight taping method should be applied to the areas to assist in ensuring muscle tension whilst keeping in mind the 2 basic rules of taping:

1. When you need to restrict joint movement, use a rigid strapping tape.
2. When you need to compress and support joints or muscles, use a kinesiology adhesive bandage.

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