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Back Yourself

Beastwear the custom apparel specialists

Have you ever sat and thought about what it means to wear someone else’s name on your back? I mean, like a brand, take Nike for example, or even a personal brand like Arnie?  

It’s a pretty powerful thing really… Having that much affinity and love for something that you want to wear it proudly to promote it and after all, it’s your choice. 

If you took a step back and really thought about it, how’s your personal brand going? And if you’re not already, why aren’t you wearing your name on your back, proudly letting everyone know who you support!

There’s a level of pride that you can only really get when you back yourself. Just like when you stepped out onto that field, or pitch, or sporting oval when you were younger, proudly wearing your name and number on your back.

So what’s changed?

Isn’t it time you backed yourself again?

We’re Beastwear and we’re the custom apparel specialists. We’re made in Australia, designed in Australia and we produce in Australia and we’re proud of it. Since ’72 we’ve been creating custom apparel for everything from the International Australian Quiddich Cup team, to your local pub darts team. We custom create designs for free and produce garments with our patented fabrics Cooltek™ to keep you looking hot and feeling cool.

Our longevity and growth in the sporting and fitness industry has seen us partner with huge Australian renowned brands such as North Melbourne Football Club, the National Indoor Cricket Club of Australia, Cycling Australia, Iron Man, The Melbourne Rebels and of course, The Arnold Sports Festival.

Our product is simple, we design and customise team wear, sportswear and fitness apparel for business, teams and individuals alike. We can customise names and numbers on the backs of any of our garments and can produce products in any size and all of this at no extra cost.

So, if you want to get back into backing yourself, or you’re looking for custom wear for your business, club, team or you have your own brand, maybe it’s time you spoke to us?

Team Beastwear 🐾

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  • Posted On March 07, 2018 by makoy tevita

    Just pricing on 50 shirts black collard shirts got the design just lettering. With your design of back drop on the shirts.

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