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Why We Love Playing Sport – Team Spirit


From tennis to basketball, hockey to dance, Australians play sports for a multitude of reasons. Maybe you’re in it for the challenge, the workout or simply for the fun of it. But as far as we’re concerned, when you really get down to it, isn’t it being a part of a team that makes playing a sport so ridiculously fun?


Bringing Teams Together


At Beastwear, we unite players from all different codes with great designs. All Beastwear garments have a huge range of designs and colours available, making them a great choice for any athlete, local sporting clubs, schools, motorsports teams, schools or even the workforce. Designing and producing matching garments is a great way to bring any team together.


Take the snapback hat for example. When someone puts their team colours on, it can instantly bring out a smile. Wearing this finishing touch to any uniform is one way of expressing comradery and a love for the game. Picture a team throwing off their hats after a big win, or tipping their cap to another player in the heat of the game. It’s also where you see everyone’s individuality shine out, with some players wearing their cap backwards, to the side, or however it feels right to them. 


Making Teams Smile


Nothing makes the Beastwear team happier than when we get to see the beaming faces of kids as they open up the boxes with their new uniforms. 


Bupa Dental Insurance recently published an article on 'Fun Ideas to Make Someone Smile'; we were thrilled to contribute an inspiring story of when our apparel brought a smile to someone’s face. We have plenty of moments to share when our custom-made designs got someone to flash their pearly whites. Without a doubt, however, our favourite was when we watched four different teams of young girls in an Indoor Netball Premier League open up the boxes and pull their brand new team uniforms out. 


Seeing those kid's faces light up at the uniforms was great. It definitely brought a smile to our faces. The girls kitted up and came back out onto the field, just oozing with team pride, laughter, and excitement. That’s a memory we’ll never forget. 


To all out there who push themselves to their limits, train hard and play harder, we tip our snapback cap to your team and wish you endless smiles on the field, track, court, or wherever else you unleash the beast. 

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