Commando Steve Supporting Defence Families

Holsworthy Family Group's sole purpose is to support defence families.

"Programs such as GetCommandoFit allow us to offer members a way to create networks, build resilience and know they always have somewhere to turn. The support of our community is a critical factor in our ability to deliver these programs and Beastwear has assisted us in truly bringing this group together and giving them pride in their efforts on the GetCommandoFit program. For these 32 women, this makes a huge difference."

The ladies have been working out and following the 13 week GetCommandoFit program and we were able to meet and workout with Commando Steve!

"The morning was filled with hard work, laughs and chatting with the humble and genuine Commando Steve from the Biggest Loser."

"Thank you to Beastwear for coming on board and helping us look fantastic in our great quality Beastwear shirts!"

Mellissa McDonald - Centre Coordinator