Indigenous Literacy Foundation

On August 17th three female cyclists will be commencing a bike ride departing from the John McDouall Stuart monument in Adelaide and heading up National Highway 1 and the Stuart Highway (87) to Darwin. The total distance is approximately 3,100 kms and the cyclists will average about 120 kms per day with the shortest day being 75 kms and the longest a testing 180 kms. They hope to arrive in Darwin on the 17th September. As well as this being a big personal challenge for the three, they are also using it to raise funds for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. With the support of some generous authors, children's books will be distributed along the way. Funds raised for the ILF will be used in various community literacy projects in remote areas of Australia. “Having books in our homes, having parents who can read and teach us to read is something we take for granted. It is sad that in some communities parents can’t read and books in homes are non-existent. We hope to help the Indigenous Literacy Foundation continue to make a huge difference.”


Contact Beastwear for more information on how to get behind this great cause