Mean and a Sight to be Seen

Started by some uni mates, the Mean Machine team stay in touch via the Fairfield City Oztag league, taking the field every Tuesday night.

Oztag matches get intense, but it’s a non-contact sport, so men and women can play alongside each other. The Mean Machine is a mixed team.

One of its female players, Maria Belen Barcenas, is a graphic and digital designer by day, and was particularly keen that the team’s uniforms looked great.

“They’re very light and I was really impressed with the print… I thought because it’s a different fabric - it’s not paper - it won’t be as sharp,” she explains of the singlet design.

“But actually it’s very sharp. That’s one thing that stood out to me.”

The Mean Machine’s stylish custom uniforms were the result of quite a bit of back-and-forth between Beastwear and the designer, who spoke highly of the Beastwear’s responsiveness during the process.

“There was a bit of a change from my initial design to when they gave me the proof,” she said.

“But it actually got there on time and the turnaround was pretty quick from when we finalised the final proof to the version being delivered to us. They managed to do it at the date I wanted it. So I’m happy with that.”

The team’s skills - as well as its uniforms - are also sharp. Belen Barcenas, in fact, has previously made the Australian Women’s Open Team for the sport’s World Cup.

The Mean Machine are near the top of the ladder in division one of the competition.  

Though she's modest about the team’s aims (“it’s just a bit of fun,” says Belen Barcenas), they are still in it to win it.

“Hopefully we’ll get there,” she says.

“It’s a tough competition and there’s a lot of good players out there. But that’s our goal!”