Mediterranean Rugby League Partners With Beastwear

Beastwear and the Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Rugby League (MMERL) are proud to announce that we have secured a fantastic partnership together, we have signed a 3-year deal to be part of a professional organisation, that will help and allow us to move towards a prosperous future together.

The Beastwear name will become synonymous with the emerging European and Arab Rugby market. An accolade we're so proud to have. 

The word “Arab” combined with the European will have new meaning in political, cultural, economic and, in the biggest market of all – sporting – circles. Beastwear in association with MMERL - has an opportunity to create a unique and lasting partnership that will seek to respect and embrace differences to unite hearts and minds now and into the future. With the security of having Beastwear sporting apparel on board will help the youth of today become the stars of tomorrow.

The MMERL is a sporting initiative aimed at developing the game of Rugby League for the Mediterranean and the Middle Eastern communities throughout Australia and around the World. MMERL hopes to invigorate interest in Rugby League as a viable sporting career for the Mediterranean & Middle Eastern youth of today for a productive and enriching life tomorrow.

Beastwear in conjunction with the MMERL recognises rugby league as more than just a sport. It is an institution that forges communities together and harnesses the vast talents of today’s youth to become exemplary role models of the future. "We wish to encourage and support the Mediterranean & Middle Eastern youth to participate in Rugby League as a long-term commitment through the eyes and Beastwear network", said Beastwear representative, Chris Papakostas.

Chris from Beastwear went on to mention "We'll be launching an online store to enable fans across the globe to purchase our latest products and we can not wait. The management is very proud and excited to have been selected and to partner with the Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Rugby League and also add to their list of global teams from Europe, Asia, North and South America as well as the Middle East. Beastwear looks forward to a long and rewarding relationship with the Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Rugby League".

On behalf of the Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Rugby League, we would love to thank the wider Beastwear team for all that they've done for us from design to production, to client management and the ongoing build of our online web store to help bring our brand to the World.

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