Shane Webcke joins Beastwear Team as a Brand Ambassador

Beastwear is delighted to announce that rugby league legend Shane Webcke has joined the team as Brand Ambassador, based on a shared passion for supporting sport at a grassroots level.

Webcke, a former test match front rower and acknowledged as one of league’s finest players of all time, recently appeared as a special guest at the launch of Beastwear’s showroom in Brisbane.

Speaking at the event, the former Kangaroos and Broncos star explained to the audience that he and Beastwear shared a commitment to helping sports prosper, and doing so through a collaborative approach. Webcke pointed out that this was not a role he took lightly.

“In my position, the only tradeable commodity I own is me, and my credibility. So I’m incredibly careful when I do things like this,” he said. 

“I’ll have a role in promoting what these people do, but also, part of that will be me assisting the likes of you and your sports in different things in a more tangible way in assisting you make your clubs better. 

“And I very much look forward to doing that.”

Aden from Beastwear also commented on the synergies and shared passion behind the relationship.

Speaking on a day the company also signed a sponsorship and supply deal for the Prince Charles Hospital Foundation’s annual cycle of giving event, Aden also highlighted Beastwear’s collaborative approach.

“It doesn’t matter what the sport is, we’re very involved in it and we’re happy to help out where we can,” said Aden.

“So it’s not about us going ‘We’re this, we do this, and that’s the only way we do it.’ We talk to you, we find out what you need. Because everybody wants something different. Some people want buses because they can’t get to games. Some people want other sponsors so we help them to find other sponsors… We never go in and say ‘It’s a buy/sell relationship.’”

Webcke described it simply as a willingness to “put our money where our mouth is”. There was a duty in promoting Beastwear as Ambassador, but also in assisting clubs make themselves better in different ways.

The league great’s career highlights include 254 matches for the Broncos, with the last of these in the 2006 NRL Grand Final win against the Melbourne Storm. He also played 21 State of Origin games with Queensland and 18 tests for Australia. In the game’s 2008 centenary, he was named in the top 100 to have played the game. He is also a nightly sports presenter and NRL commentator.