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The Evolution of Australian Swimming

The Evolution of Australian Swimming

by Beastwear Team

February 20, 2018

As the world of sports evolves, we’re noticing sporting leagues develop their game, both in the way it’s played and the way it’s managed. You’ll have noticed that over the last decade in Aussie sports we’ve moved into new formats of our beloved favourites, such as the Big Bash League of Cricket, (a faster paced version of the test match series) and 3x3 Basketball (CLB – Champions League Basketball) as another example of a diversifying sport.

With all these changes, you may also have also noted a few commonalities with the diversifying of these sports, here’s a few things to consider:

  1. Diversifying sports leads to more overall fans.
  2. Younger audiences are looking for something new; a faster pace and harder hitting action.
  3. With more fans comes more money and more investment.
  4. More fans and more investment breeds better talent.

So, when we consider Swimming, a sport that a lot of us Aussies hold dearly to our hearts; not just because we’re living on one giant floating Island surrounded by the ocean, but also because for decades we’ve been considered champions of the pool on a global scale.

So, of all the sports, why has swimming largely remained an untouched platform for league developments? 

Well, somethings about to change all of that! It was with our ear to the ground that we picked up on this growing phenomenon; enter the Swim League into the arena.

womens and mens swim league beastwear

Women's and Men's team - Swim League NSW

You might not have heard of it yet, but that’s why we do these informative blogs, so trust us when we say, Swim League is the next big thing. It’s growth and popularity is based on the success of the sport overseas (US) where they first realised that Swimming needed an overhaul; a faster paced version of itself, one focused on comradery, teamwork and of course, speed. It’s with these developments that we believe the United States can largely attribute their recent success directly to this style of swimming race.

So, whats Swim League?

Swim League has been modelled on the ultra-competitive College based swimming system in the US. It’s objective, to provide quality consistent racing in a team based environment so Australian athletes can form strong bonds with each other and create a winning team culture.

It’s a team vs team structure, which pits individuals against each other in a team based system, encouraging them to perform at their peak. The sport encourages groups of 15-30 participants to join together under one brand, edging their team and colours towards the trophy at the end of a 10 week tournament.

Swim League NSW teams Beastwear

Swim League Teams from top left to bottom right. Tuggerah Lakes, West Lakes Wolves, Newcastle Royals, Central Coast Heat, Lake Macquarie Wizards, Hunter Valley Vipers.

The League is pushing hard to become a true national sport for both swimmers and spectators alike and by incorporating itself with grassroots, schools, the local community as well as further developing a state team structure. 

Currently there’s 6 teams, from Tuggerah Lakes, to Lake Macquarie in NSW which have already gotten involved in less than 5 months (Check out the Swim League teams here) and more teams are quickly joining the ranks with the Leagues goals to strengthen it's grip on NSW before moving into QLD and VIC.

If you’re interested in competitive swimming, we’d definitely recommend checking out their website for more information on how the league works here.

Or, stay up to date with them on social here: 

Swim League Facebook 

 If you've got an interesting sport and you'd like us to run a story on it to get, contact us via Facebook messenger or at! 

See you in the pool,

Team Beastwear 🏊🏽

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  • A new concept in swimming to support future and present swimmers. Thanks to Beast wear for the support.

    Jan beisler on

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