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Have You Seen Harry Potter?

Have You Seen Harry Potter?

by Beastwear Team

March 15, 2018

Let’s be honest here, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that after the Global sensation that was Harry Potter first introduced the sport in "Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone" (If you haven’t read the book, or watched the movie… Where the hell have you been living, seriously?)… The sports fandom base grew rapidly, so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that it developed into a competitive sport soon after.

Quidditch Takle Beastwear

But, what you probably didn’t know is that WE ARE The World Champs and by that we mean, Australia (The Dropbears) are The World champs and since claiming Global victory over the USA team in the Quidditch Cup the sport has exploded into a national sport inclusive of Grassroots teams to University Leagues, State and obviously our National League team (playing under the IQA – International Quidditch Association); whom we’re delighted to be partnered with, mind you.

Quidditch World Champs, The Australian Dropbears

The sport is played hard and fast and includes mixed teams of boys and girls. It's also played in rain, hail or shine and is definitely not for the feint of heart. All you need to get started is a great attitude, some footy boots with plastic studs and a broom stick... A little co-ordination helps too. 

Rain Hail or Shine, Quidditch Players hug in the mud Beastwear

Now more about us and what we do. As official sponsors for the Aussie team, we've been helping them out with their jerseys and think this is a prime opportunity to present you with this years 2018 Quidditch Jersey for the Dropbears. It's finished it's design phase and will be available for purchase on the 30th March! 

Check it out below!



More cool facts that you probably didn't know about Quidditch

  • Teams are made up of a Keeper, The Chasers and The Beaters, just like in the Book/Movie.
  • Teams are mixed, meaning that the Lads and Lasses get to participate together!
  • It’s FULL contact, just like it was in the movie (minus the flying).
  • It’s intense and it’s very fast paced.
  • 21 people make up a squad and change ups are quick, so everyone gets a chance to play.
  • The game is played full time with a broomstick between your legs!

If you’re looking to join a team, or you’re interested in learning more about the weird and wonderful sport of Quidditch make sure you check out the official Quidditch Australia page website here.

You’ll also find them on Facebook here.

Hopefully we will see you on the field in the upcoming Quidditch Cups! 

Team Beastwear 🎩

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